Farewell Lt. Col. Stanley!

LTC StanleyDANTES bids farewell to Lt. Col. Eurydice Stanley, DANTES Reserve Component Advisor (RCA), who retires this month after 20 years Service in the National Guard. As RCA, she was an active spokesperson for voluntary education, presenting educational awareness training at military installations from Alaska to Washington, D.C., assisting DoD Reserve personnel and family members achieve their personal and professional education goals.

Considering herself to be a life-long learner, it is no surprise that she also enjoyed presenting relevant training classes to Service members. She wrote many articles that were published in forums such as Joint Forces Quarterly, Military Advanced Education, and the Stars and Stripes newspaper.

Stanley received an Army ROTC scholarship to attend Florida A & M University (FAMU) where she earned a degree in Public Management. A Distinguished Military Graduate, she was commissioned in 1990, awarded a scholarship to attend the University of Minnesota, receiving a Master’s degree in Industrial Relations, and studied International Business in Lyon, France. She graduated summa cum laude from Louisiana Baptist University in 2000 with a doctorate in Christian Counseling and Psychology.

Stanley said, “I take great pride in a career dedicated to human relations training, public affairs and Service member education, and in taking care of Service members.”

Join us in wishing her all the best, and Fair Winds and Following Seas. Hooah!