Feb. 2015 SOC updates

DNS and GoArmyEd LOI Institutions

Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC) has a long history of supporting military students and Veterans and continues this support though a variety of programs and services within the Department of Defense (DoD) contract relationship. Although the SOC Consortium program was dissolved in December, SOC’s work efforts continue with other programs and services for the DoD.

One such program is the Degree Network System (DNS). Planned changes include reshaping and expanding the degree programs and course articulations that can help accelerate degree completion for Service members and their family members. Details about the program changes are still under development and will be communicated broadly when final decisions and directions are approved.

The new contract consolidates the DNS by removing Service distinctions (SOCAD, SOCNAV, SOCMAR, and SOCCOAST). Service members now have full access to all associate and bachelor’s DNS programs irrespective of the member’s branch of Service, based on the institution’s current membership type and degree level participation. DNS-2 and DNS-4, colleges that provide associate and bachelor’s degrees, respectively, will continue to operate independently of each other.

Current DNS Institutions should continue to meet membership obligations until officially notified of changes, and continue to send Student Agreements to SOC. SOC strongly suggests that no changes be made to publications, procedures or technology until further information is available.

As a reminder, SOC automatically receives Student Agreements for fully-developed degree plans from GoArmyEd Letter of Instruction (LOI) Institutions. GoArmyEd LOI Institutions should send Student Agreements for Drop Down and “Other” degree plans directly to SOC. Similarly, all non-LOI Institutions must send Student Agreements for all new Soldiers.

For more information about the Degree Network System, contact SOC personnel at:

Nancy Hamilton, DANTES Editor
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