Confused about NTCs?

There has been much confusion about base-sponsored and fully-funded National Test Centers (NTCs). DANTES is moving toward fully-funded test sites and will no longer use the term “base-sponsored.” Any NTC that administers CLEP and DSST exams to Service members, whether located on-base or off-base, and agrees to accept the negotiated administrative fee, will be considered a fully-funded test site. To become a fully-funded test site, the institution must agree to accept the negotiated administrative fee and must agree to partner with the testing agencies to provide NTC services.

In addition, all Test Control Officers (TCOs) MUST complete a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) when an NTC is established on-base. TCOs and Education Service Officers (ESOs) have control over the services delivered at their test center and will continue to ensure that quality exam services are made available to the Service member. The MOU ensures that institutions that administer DANTES-sponsored exams provide the level of service the TCOs and ESOs require to serve their populations. DANTES has a sample MOU available for TCO/ESO use upon request. Once the MOU is completed and signed by the Base Commander and the school representative, it must be forward to DANTES. If a TCO wishes to establish an NTC on-base, they must notify DANTES and DANTES will notify the testing agencies. The testing agencies will then ensure that all applications and agreements are processed with the institution. Although DANTES does not manage the NTCs, DANTES must remain in the loop concerning all DANTES-sponsored testing operations.

With this change, two types of test sites remain:

  1. On-campus (a college/institution that DOES NOT accept the negotiated administrative fee)
  2. Fully-funded (an NTC at a college/institution or on a military base in which DANTES pays the administration fee and exam fee).

The NTC Administrator at an NTC located on a military base cannot administer any of the remaining DANTES-sponsored paper-based exams (ACT, SAT, GRE General). These must be administered by the DANTES Test Administrator or TCO/ATCO.

Testing agencies will update their websites to reflect this change and DANTES will update the DANTES Examinations Program Handbook (DEPH) and the online TCO Training course.

For questions concerning this information, contact the DANTES Exams Program Manager (N32) atexams@navy.mil.

Nancy Hamilton, DANTES Editor
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