JST enters the “terrific twos”

It’s been two years since the Joint Services Transcript (JST) was introduced and a lot has happened since then. The numbers are proof positive that Service members are taking advantage of the easy, online request process – 710,285 transcripts have been ordered to date since JST began in FY13. That is a 26 percent increase over the previous four FYs combined!


Also, the JST Operations staff continues to make improvements, some of which include:

  • validate course completions on American Council on Education (ACE) exhibit start date versus the end date, when provided by the Services
  • include CLEP re-takes for the same exam for all dates taken
  • update the transcript history tab in the JST portal to show Service members if academic institutions have viewed electronically delivered transcripts
  • move the Certifications/Licensing/Apprenticeship data from the academic institution page to a separate page and standardize the certification listings

Future improvements include:

  • establish report framework for Services to receive online information concerning JST usage
  • add ability for colleges to manage their own users
  • sort transcript request history from newest to oldest
  • add ACE version number to ACE exhibits on JST
  • add Coast Guard locations (OPFACS) to course completions

If you aren’t familiar with the JST, it is an academically accepted document approved by ACE to validate a Service member’s military occupational experience and training along with the corresponding ACE college credit recommendations. It includes personal student data, courses, and occupations evaluated by ACE, with descriptions, learning outcomes and equivalent college credit recommendations, and national college-level exam results. Previously, the Services had independent systems that were not standardized in a way that made it easy for colleges and higher learning institutions to award the maximum ACE recommended credits. Maximizing this credit source can provide Service members with advanced standing in their degree programs at participating colleges. Additional information can be found in ACE’s JST Brochure (www.acenet.edu/news-room/Pages/Joint-Services-Transcript-Brochure.aspx).

NOTE: The Air Force continues to make its records available through the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) and the Air Force Virtual Education Center.

The JST is available at https://jst.doded.mil for personal use, or individuals may request, at no charge, that an official copy be sent to accredited colleges and universities.

Nancy Hamilton, DANTES Editor
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