Happy Mother’s Day!

Whatever you call her – Mother (my personal favorite), Mom, Ma, Mater, Mamma, or Mommy – don't forget that this Sunday is her big day!

I am fortunate in that my Mother is still with me, and this week I broke a lifetime habit of tardiness and actually got my Mother's Day card mailed on time! Hope she doesn't faint. Ha! She got the requisite 'cat' card (I always give cards with cats on them!), but also a sappy one that shows just how much she means to me. Not that I could ever express that in words.

My Mother isn't famous, she didn't cure the common cold, she didn't climb Mt. Everest, she didn't even go to college. But, she did a great job raising my brother and me, made sure we had a happy childhood, and gave us the tools we would need to survive and maybe even succeed in our adult lives.

She and my Dad met in the Air Force (he was her supervisor!). He eventually wore her down and they got married. When she was pregnant with my brother, she had to leave the Air Force. Seems, at the time, women were incapable of being both a Mother and a Service member. Oh, how things have changed! My Dad's job meant he transferred every 18 months or so – yes, that often! Plus, he had a couple of isolated tours, and traveled often. That meant it was up to Mother to keep the family running smoothly, for the most part anyway. When he retired and they had to decide where to settle, they chose a place that had a university nearby, so that my brother and I could live at home while getting a degree. See, even though nether of them had gone to college, it was important to them to give us the opportunity. My brother knew what he wanted and got his degree, then a job, then a wonderful family life. Showoff! Me, I took another path – a few years of college fun and games, then I joined the Navy. Not a bad choice – I eventually got my own wonderful family life and my degree. Just took me a little longer.

So, why am I sharing all of this? Hopefully, to get you to take a moment to think about how you got where you are today – and who helped you along the way. I hope your Mother was by your side, helping you and supporting you, like mine was. Or, maybe you had someone else in that role. Whoever it may have been, they probably made difficult choices and sacrifices for you, all in order to give you a good life and those life tools I mentioned earlier. And maybe even the desire to pursue higher education (I hope so!).  If they are still with you, be sure to give them a big THANK YOU and hug on Sunday. Mine gets a virtual hug this year – Love you mucho, Mother!

Oh – and if my sons are reading – be sure to make it MILK chocolate, not that dark stuff. ; )

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Nancy Hamilton, DANTES Editor